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Next The Spider-Verse

The beautifully-crafted character was brainstormed by Stan Lee and Jack Kirkby with hardly any outline. It was considered a filler story for a cancelled anthology. Legend Stan Lee had previously approved the teenage superhero with the name Spider-Man (The hyphen was placed to avoid confusion between Spider-Man and Superman). The first few sketches and drawings weren’t a success. They re-imagined Captain America in cobwebs which did little to differentiate them. That is when Steve Ditko, an artist, got involved and designed the iconic red-blue Spider-Man costume. Spider-Man first appeared through in comic book universe debuting in Amazing Fantasy #15 in the Silver Age of Comic Books in 1962. However, the trouble of adapting an already-established superhero into a film is tremendous. Although movies like Batman and Superman made substantial changes in the movie adaptations, they spoke more about the man with the mask on, unlike Spider-Man. The directors of the Spider-Man franchise had an extremely tough time getting the correct Peter Parker, rather than the right Spider-Man. The major theme of the Spider-Man movies is self-conflict which everyone seems to suffer with. Peter Parker believes that though he is destined to save the world, he always ends up hurting the people around him.